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With 23 years’ experience of manufacturing and distribution of rear view mirrors to the commercial vehicle industry and an ever expanding range of quality lighting, Unitruck has established itself as the leading European Brand for after-market mirrors and lighting. The Unitruck range includes mirrors and lighting for all major truck marques, mirrors and arms for bus, coach, plant and agricultural vehicles, and an expanding range of mirrors for light commercials.

We estimate that we have over 80 % of market share in the UK for after-market truck mirrors, and hope to make a similar impact in the other markets in which we are active. Unitruck also export to over 20 countries worldwide and continue to grow in the export market.

Unitruck was sold by its founder Ken Heginbotham in 2011 to a private equity company who have invested heavily in order to grow the company and improve the customer experience. 2013 is set to be Unitruck’s best ever year.

Unitruck continue to respond to market demand as new vehicles are manufactured, and have the largest after-market range in Europe.  We are proud to partner with Devon Fleet Components and wish them every success with their new web site.

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